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About Ningqiao

NINGBO NINGQIAO WATER METER CO., Ltd is located near the Hang zhou bay with beautiful scenery and convenient teaffic, which is border with the opening city ofNingbo and Shanghai across the sea. The has 60km away from the Ningbo airport, 120kmfrom the Hangzhou airport, and 40km from the Ningbo port. The traffic is very convenient. 

Our factory was founded in 1972, has a long history of production and superd technology. It is a high-rech private enterprise which is set in a product development, manufacturing, sales and service in one type. We are mainly produce the brand of "ningqiao"and"B"licenses meter, Copper, bieces of pipe, and other products, we have a water meter prodnction base, meter copper shell production bawe, with: Smelting, metar, paint, plastic injection, detection, mold, assembly blant, and so on.


We also have the right to import and export. With more than 10years of research and development and exports, our's quality and reliable brouducts are sold all over the world, more than 90 percent are sold to South-East Asia, Europe, the United States, Afica and a total, the increasingly fierce market competition, our company take the "to seek survival quality, credibility and development"as ours'puprose. Welcome new and old customers sent letters and telegramsto our plant study tour to discuss cooperation and building a cause achieve greater glories.



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